Top 10 Successful Big Brother Naija Housemates Of All Time

Top 10 Successful Big Brother Naija Housemates Of All Time

The Big Brother Naija reality show has grown to be one of Africa’s most popular reality television shows. Aside from the tantalizing prize of N90 million, many people like watching the show because of the contentious behaviors of some of the housemates. Some have referred to the show as a “platform” and “launching pad” for young people. BBNaija Daily looks at some of the show’s prior housemates who are currently doing well in their careers, in no particular sequence.

Ebuka Obi-Uchendu

Ebuka BBNaija

Ebuka Obi-Uchendu, a lawyer, model, and media personality, was a housemate on the first season of Big Brother Naija reality TV show in 2006. Ebuka has had an interesting career despite the fact that he did not win and was evicted on the fiftyfirst day of the competition.

The Glo Show, Guinness Greatness TV, Rubbin Minds (on Channels Television), The Spot (EbonyLife TV), Naija Politics (EbonyLife TV), and Men’s Corner are just a few of the programs and series he has hosted. The fashion enthusiast organized a presidential discussion amongst the top presidential contenders in the run-up to the 2011 presidential election. His hosting of Big Brother Naija is, without a question, the cherry on top of his career (2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021).

He is the first and only former housemate on the show to return as a host on the same show. Many Nigerians have praised his calmness and charisma as the show’s host, and his fashion choices are a common discussion topic on the show.

Meanwhile, he is the host of another reality TV show, ‘Judging Matters,’ which is overseen by Justice Olusola Williams, a retired Lagos State judge.
Ebuka is without a doubt one of the most successful Big Brother Naija alumni, and he doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon.


Laycon BBNaija

Agbele Olamilekan he has been referred to as a record-breaking Big Brother Naija housemate on multiple occasions. He was the winner of the show’s ‘Lockdown’ season q(2020). He was claimed to have broken the competition’s vote record by more than 200 percent while in the house.

According to reports, the ‘Pepper Dem’ version received 240 million votes, the Lockdown edition received 900 million votes, and Laycon received roughly 600 million votes. He won the finale with 60% of the vote, making him the first participant to win the show with more than 50% of the vote.

Despite the fact that Laycon entered the house as an underdog, he quickly gained the support of many Nigerians, who voted for him en masse. Most of the males in the house were thought to be more attractive and charismatic than him. He also appeared to be attracted to another candidate, Erica Nlewedim, who had her sights set on Kiddwaya. It was a classic love triangle, and many people thought Laycon would lose to Waya.

Images of him looking moody anytime Erica and Kidd were together quickly went popular on social media, and he became a meme for many people.

However, that seeming ‘disadvantage’ suddenly became his ace, as a slew of celebrities and other Nigerians poured their support behind him. Many gave their followers airtime to encourage them to vote for the University of Lagos graduate, while others held physical demonstrations to rally support.

Many people were not surprised when Laycon was named as the winner of the ‘BBNaija Lockdown season.’ Meanwhile, he is said to be the first housemate to reach two million Instagram followers.

His reality show, ‘I am Laycon,’ was the first original series to be released on streaming platform Showmax after the competition, and the show got11 the highest first-day streams on the platform.

On April 30, 2021, the musician released an album named “Shall We Begin.” Some of the album’s songs, such as “Fall For Me” and “Verified,” have gotten a lot of exposure.

Laycon was named a youth ambassador of Ogun State by Governor Dapo Abiodun shortly after winning the competition. The native of Ogun State was also granted N5 million and a two-bedroom home. The singer also serves as a brand ambassador for a number of businesses.


Tacha BBNaija

The words “No leave, no transfer” may not strike a chord with the “uninitiated.” It’s a statement that die-hard Titans, such as supporters of former BBNaija housemate Natacha Akide, are all too familiar with.

Tacha has a reputation for being one of the show’s most divisive roommates over the years. She was, nevertheless, a popular favorite, with many admitting to watching the show solely for her. She was a housemate in the ‘Pepper Dem’ edition of BBNaija (2019).

She was widely seen as a top candidate for the prize money until she was disqualified from the show after 89 days into the competition, just days before it ended, for what ‘Biggie’ believed to be a violent behavior. She got into a disagreement with the eventual winner, Mercy Eke, and when things got heated, she (Tacha) grabbed an electric iron and threatened to hit Mercy. Tacha had already received two strikes prior to that incident (warnings).

Tacha, on the other hand, has continued to enjoy her celebrity romance since then. Titans, her fanbase, is highly vocal on social media, and those who have been the target of their trolls will attest that they are not to be trifled with. She is also a brand ambassador for a number of companies and goods.

The social media personality, who was born in Rivers State, is a vlogger who gets money from her monetized YouTube channel. Everything Tacha is a make-up line owned by the social media influencer.
Tacha’s followers surprised her with a N6 million check, delivery motorcycles, and vans for her business on her 25th birthday (December 23, 2020).


Erica BBNaija

Erica Nlewedim, like Tacha, was disqualified from the BBNaija reality show for breakinghead of houserules and preventing Prince her deputyhead of house from enjoying the head of house privileges.

Erica’s profile, on the other hand, has continued to climb after she left the house. She had appeared in a few films prior to BBNaija, but since then, she has been in a number of high-profile films, like ‘Devil in Agbada’ and ‘Bitter Rain.’

She also has a reality show called “Inside Life,” which airs on MTV Base. Diamond Bank, Hollandia, Globacom, Jumia, Zaron Cosmetics, and Peak Milk are among the brands and products for which she is a brand ambassador. She co-owns Beluxia Global Links with her mother and serves as its Chief Executive Officer.

Her connection with Kiddwaya has also been the subject of numerous rumors and has ‘trended’ on social media countless times. Meanwhile, she appears to have patched up her relationship with Laycon, since the two recently appeared in a video together, implying that they are back on good terms.

Bisola Aiyeola

Bisola BBNaija

Bisola Aiyeola was no stranger to reality shows before competing in the BBNaija See Gobbe season (2017). In 2008, she competed in Project Fame West Africa and came in fifth place. She had also appeared in a few films and skits, as well as releasing music before to BBNaija. BBNaija, on the other hand, unquestionably propelled her career to new heights.

While in the Biggie’s house, Aiyeola sparked debate regarding her relationship with married housemate Thin Tall Tony. She was, nonetheless, universally considered as one of the most fascinating characters because she always provided viewers with something to discuss.

Aiyeola’s career has progressed since the competition. She has acted in films such as ‘The Breaded Life,’ ‘The Kujus,’ ‘Dwindle,’ ‘Pay Day,’ and ‘The Bling Lagosians,’ among others. ‘Heartbroken,’ ‘Controlla,’ and ‘Good Old Days’ are some of her other tracks. In 2017, she was appointed by the United Nations as a “education ambassador.” She also campaigned for girls’ education in the United Nations’ 72nd General Assembly in New York, United States of America, that same year.

Tobi Bakre

Tobi Bakre BBNaija

Many people felt Tobi Bakre was insane when he quit a well-paying bank job to compete in Big Brother Naija Double Wahala season (2018). However, three years later, it is clear that he made the proper choice.

Many females fawned over him in the house due of his good looks and body.

Following the show, he went on to work for Lord’s Gin, Unilever, Amstel Malta, and Jumia. He has also acted in films and television programs such as “Sugar Rush,” “Mokalik,” “Fix Us,” “Hustle,” and “Jenifa’s Diary.”

Alex Unusual

Alex Unusual BBNaija

Alex Asogwa, often known as Alex Unusual, was a housemate on the 2017 season of BBNaija See Gobbe and was one of the show’s most prominent personalities.

She went on to star in films like “Merry Men 2” and “Love Me Enough, Love Me Now” after winning the competition. Campari, Mypaddi, and Bobo Food and Beverages are among the brands she represents.

She is active on social media, particularly Instagram, where she has over three million followers.


Dorathy BBNaija

Almost as soon as she entered the Big Brother Naija house (Lockdown season, 2020), she became the center of attention, owing to her massive mammary glands.’

She finally finished as the competition’s first runner-up, and her charisma endeared her to many fans.

However, she sparked controversy about a month ago when she confessed that she had oral s£x with another housemate, BrightO, during the Lockdown edition’s reunion program. BrightO, she claims, refused to speak to her following the intimate encounter the next day.

Bachor established MFC Lingerie, a lingerie line for plus-sized women, as a testament to her commercial expertise. She added that she was driven to pursue that field of work because of the difficulties she encountered when shopping for undergarments due to her b00bs’ size. VSP Botanics, Mapia Tea, Urban Vibes London, and Lucious Virgin Hair are among the products for which she is an ambassador.

Her followers have also given her numerous gifts, including a Mercedes Benz CLA 250. Dorathy previously revealed in an interview with Saturday Beats that she didn’t buy anything for around two months following the event since she was continually “bombarded” with gifts.

Mercy Eke

Mercy BBNaija

Mercy Eke made Big Brother Naija history by becoming the first and only female to win the competition.
Mercy was a contestant in the Pepper Dem season of the show (2019), and she wasn’t without controversy. Her altercation with Tacha resulted in the latter’s disqualification, but she has since moved on and is concentrating on her profession. Several men drooled over her lovely body while she was in the house. Before the show, she allegedly had cosmetic surgery to increase the size of her butt. She has also stated that she is willing to go under the knife once more.

In addition to the N30 million prize money, she has received various gifts from her supporters, including two plots of property in Lekki (Lagos).
She had a spin-off reality program called “Mercy and Ike” after the competition, which focused on her and another housemate and eventually ex-lover, Ike Onyema.


Nengi BBNaija

Rebecca ‘Nengi’ Hampson is a lovely and quiet lady who would turn many men’s heads.

Nengi has a lot of fans when he was a contestant on BBNaija’s Lockdown season (2020). Another housemate, Ozoemena Chukwu, popularly called Ozo, was clearly one of her biggest fan. Nengi did not give Ozo the ‘green light’ because of his feelings for her. She later explained that she wanted to focus on the reality show and not be distracted by romance.

She has received a lot of gifts from her fans and has recently added another Range Rover to her fleet of cars.

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